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New Truck Logging Devices to be Implemented on December 18th, 2017

Starting December 18th 2017, truckers must begin using government mandated Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). This initiative was put in place largely to help ensure that drivers are not operating beyond the Hours of Service (HoS) that the FMSCA deems safe. The legal hours allowed to drive remain unchanged, but how and when the clock starts ticking is much different and faces fierce criticism among drivers. Many trucking companies have voiced concerns over the effectiveness of the ELD’s, considering that loading/unloading and even driver breaks will count toward their daily Hours of Service. Most large carriers are already in compliance with the ELD mandate and have been for years. The smaller operators may face issues covering the cost of purchasing and implementing these devices, as they operate on already narrow margins.

While we do not know for certain how this will impact transit times or costs after the ELD rule goes into effect, most experts are forecasting a slowdown in service due to lower productivity on top of already strained truck and driver availability. Capacity reduction is expected to drive up shipping costs, which some forecast will be as much as a 10% increase. TransGroup will continue to monitor the new ELD mandate and its effects on the marketplace. We will follow up with more accurate account after the industry has had time to learn and adjust.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local TransGroup station.

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