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Canadian Pacific Railway Expect Strike Starting Sunday, February 15th

A potential, yet likely, labor strike by conductors and engineers at Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) will affect cargo as soon as February 15th, the targeted strike date. Over 3,000 workers represented by Teamsters Canada will strike if a settlement isn't reached by Sunday. The union has cited "dysfunctional working conditions" for the potential strike, as well as unreliable schedules and failing to enforce required rest periods.

The potential strike comes as unwelcome news considering a lot of cargo has been diverted from West Coast Ports in the U.S. due to ILWU/PMA friction, and moved to ports such as Vancouver B.C. only to now also be threatened with labor disputes.

Reports are that white-collar workers have been trained to run their trains in the event of a strike, but a slowdown in service is still presumed. Little time remains to negotiate an agreement and many speculate that plans to strike are already in motion. We will continue to monitor this situation and bring you updates as they become available.

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