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West Coast Ports Hit with Congestion Surcharges

The following carriers have issued a surcharges for all cargo discharging/exporting at USWC ports and Vancouver Gateway Ports on or after Monday, November 17th. We have received notifications from 7 steamship lines. The surcharge comes amidst west coast labor unrests and severe slowdowns.

It is important to note that while most charges and effected ports appear to be the same through each carrier statement, there are some differences. Please visit the Carrier's website for exact information. The carriers are: ANL, CMA, Evergreen, Hanjin, Hyundai, NYK, Yang Ming.

Surcharges are as follows (however please see the Carrier's website for exact information):

Discharge Fees
$800 / 20'
$1000 / 40'
$1125 / 40'HC
$1266 / 45'
$20 w/m LCL

Export Fees
$240 / 20'
$300 / 40'
$338 / 40'HC
$380 / 45'

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