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Stop direct-call service for Portland port, Pacific Northwest Hanjin Express Service (PNH)

Effective January 2014, Hanjin will stop direct-call service to Port of Portland as part of their current Pacific Northwest Hanjin Express Service (PNH). All other port calls on PNH service will remain the same.

Hanjin released a statement which says: “Decision to stop Portland Port call service comes with much difficulty knowing the level of appreciation received from our customers with this exclusive service in and out of great State of Oregon. However, the cost of serving this port has escalated significantly this year to deter us from maintaining quality service which you have come to expect.”

With this change, Hanjin will seamlessly reroute all shipments currently being served via Port of Portland through Ports of Seattle or Tacoma. Hanjin Shipping will continue to review the resumption of direct call service based on changing circumstances.

For more information, please contact a Hanjin representative or manager in your region.

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