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Initiation Date for Penalties for ISF Non-Compliance

In order to achieve the most compliance with the least disruption to the trade, the Customs Service has been applying a measured and common sense approach to Importer Security Filing enforcement and by now importers should be familiar with all ISF (10+2) requirements.

This notice is to now inform you that on July 9, 2013, Customs will begin the program's full enforcement by issuing penalties against importers and carriers for ISF violations. It is therefore critical that importers carefully review each ISF data element form for accuracy of all the required information prior to submitting to your ISF filer.

A non-compliant filing can result in a US$5,000 penalty for each inaccuracy within an ISF (up to a maximum of $10,000 per filing), for example:
* failure to file
* late filing,
* incorrect element information,
* failure to update or withdraw ISF information.

Failing to file an ISF could result in seizure of the shipment in addition to penalties.

For further information please contact your local TransGroup office or email isfdata@transgroup.com

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